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Puzzle Prices

All prices are New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST

$30 PER PUZZLE or purchase a set of 13 puzzles @ $325.00 and save $65.00and for an extra $25.00 purchase the lesson planner.

For Te Kohanga Reo / Early Childhood Centres / Kura Maori
and Junior Primary Schools

Package & Delivery in New Zealand

Book and CD Prices

Books retail at $20.00 plus 12.5% GSt Goods and Service Tax.

Teachers Lesson Planner $25.00

For postage in New Zealand add an additional $5.00 for books.

For postage to countries overseas add an additional $20.00 to cover postage and handling for books.

All prices are New Zealand currency and GST exclusive.

13 bi-lingual stories are now available on CD. Cost $50.00 plus gst

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