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This book Kotuku Saves The Day tells the story of a family going to the beach. One of the children forgets to fasten his seatbelt and an unintentional injury nearly happens.

Children need help to understand the key decisions they need to make regarding their health and safety the Te Kōtuku Books will assist children to judge the risk and rewards of their actions by encouraging children to stop and think before they make quick decisions, and raise with the child the consequences of their actions and praise the child when they make good decisions.

Children will lack discipline and maybe accountability the absence of one or both will cause them to overlook the consequences of their actions. Discipline is many things rule for right and wrong, teaches children to manage their behavior and keeps children from harm while promoting healthy development.

Accountability is what separates the winners from the losers we can either accept accountability and move forward in life or we can make excuses and remain stagnant. Making good decisions is a complex process and children won't always get it right but learning to make good decisions now for children of this age group will dictate the pathway their lives will take.

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13 bi-lingual stories are now available on CD.
Cost $50.00 inc GST
crossing the road, kotuku saves the day
dial 111, stranger danger
lifejacket, well done kotuku
look while you cook, too close to fire
unattended stove, jug cords
supervise children, swim between flags
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