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te kotuku

"Taku piki Kotuku, e taku, mapihi maurea
E, he taonga whakamoe i te whare
Taku mapihi kahurangi"

"The rare flight of the White Heron is like
a precious stone a precious jewel
that glows and glows
a gift from the heavens
an object of great affection"
The name, Te Kotuku originates itself from our youngest daughter, Te Kotuku and the Maori name for the White Heron.

According to Maori Orators it was only through the guidance and protection of the Kotuku that enabled Tane-nui-a-Rangi to safely ascend to the twelfth Heaven and receive from Io the supreme god the three sacred baskets of knowledge.

It was here that the Kotuku remained while Tane returned to the new world safe from all harm. Hence the proverb: "Te Kotuku Rerenga Tahi" the white heron of single flight.

From this we acknowledge the Kotuku as being symbolic of safety and protection illustrated by these simple yet invaluable resources for all people of the world.

WHITE HERON (Egretta alba modesta) - These elegant pure white herons nest in large colonies, known as heronries, and the females lay three to five bluish-green eggs in stick nests, which are built in trees or bushes.
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